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For 23 years, Barbara was an engineer for NASA specializing in real-time mission operations, systems engineering (requirements development), operations integration and logistical analysis. From early in her career, she was given leadership responsibilities for varied and complex tasks associated with our nation’s manned spaceflight program.  Barbara has won many awards during her career including the JSC Director’s Commendation Award, given to a select few each year and the highest award you can receive at the Johnson Space Center.  She has also been awarded the Space Flight Awareness Award for her distinguished service on the Return-to-Flight Task Group, an independent advisory team reporting to the NASA Administrator and the President after the Columbia accident.  Barbara participated in projects with the Space Shuttle, International Space Station and Constellation Programs before implementing a planned early retirement to pursue other interests.

Mark’s career in the brewing industry has spanned two decades.  Starting as a keg washer and rapidly increasing responsibiilties to become a highly recognized award-winning Brew Master.  Mark has significant experience in product development, production, quality control and maintenance of all brewing equipment.  Throughout his career spent in brewpubs, he has created new and innovative methods to sell product and train employees with focus on sales.

Mark has been the subject of numerous articles and interviews which highlight his talents.  On numerous occasions, Mark has been recognized for his role in turning marginally profitable establishments into success stories of broad renown as a result of his creative, quality craft beer and insight into the brewpub business.  

He is well-respected in the industry for his ingenuity and occasionally “mad scientist” beer styles that are a favorite of beer enthusiasts and critics alike.